James Schneider, PA,CRS  

  Celebrating over 680 million in residential sales 

Short Sale Programs


    Sellers in that difficult situation will benefit from Jaime's 

extensive knowledge and experienced guidance while helping many homeowners save their property from foreclosure. 

    Jaime is the only "LOCAL approved" Certified National Mortgage Plan Specialists, as designated through the National Mortgage Forgiveness Plan (NMFP) for Lee County, Florida, and surrounding communities.


     This program, which is a FREE, non-government foreclosure relief program approved by all mortgage lenders, designated to guide homeowners through the process, which stops all lender request calls, stops forbearance action and can stop you from losing your home and your credit rating.

     Jaime and TeamSunshine certainly understand 

that this is a difficult decision to make. 

     You and they can discuss all of the options to your satisfaction.  Together you can determine which program is the best way to save your home from foreclosure as well as protect your credit rating.  Not to pressure you, but this is a program that best serves you, the sooner you enter into it from when you stopped making mortgage payments.  They often hear from homeowners that they had their first good night sleep after that initial meeting to learn of their options...

     THERE IS NO COST FOR ANY SALES COMMISSION TO YOU... Schneider volunteered to become certified in order to help his local neighbors and does not receive any consultation fee for meeting with you. Let him help you too.

     DON'T TRUST YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET TO A NON-CERTIFIED AGENT... You only get one chance with your mortgage lender... Is it worth getting to this point in your decision making and then possibly lose your home to someone not trained?   Jaime is the only local certified representative for this program, and even teaches the certification program in other states to potential volunteers for assisting homeowners in need.  

Jaime is just one call away...

Direct/Private line: 239-800-3449