James Schneider, PA,CRS  

  Celebrating over 680 million in residential sales 


As my best way of providing you with a "THANK YOU" for your confidence to represent you in the purchase of your home, the sale of your home, or completing both... I am offering you a substantial CASH REBATE to be used however you wish.  You will receive this rebate at the time of the closing/settlement for the property I represent you for...  You can use it at that closing for your costs incurred in the transaction, you can leave with a check... YES, buy a house and leave with a check... To which you might decide to buy new furniture, electronics, pay off debt, take a vacation... IT IS YOUR MONEY TO DECIDE.

WHY WOULD I DO THIS?  Well, the fact is, ANY Realtor can do this for you - but I do not know of any others who commit to it... I was extremely successful in my first 30 years of this career, selling homes in Annapolis, Maryland.  I did not have to look for business...The referrals came in constantly based on my record and how clients liked the way I educated them, didn't sell them.  We chose to retire to Cape Coral in 2013, and I was astonished by the ethical treatment the real estate community held over the public... So I decided to return to the industry, to teach the Code of Ethics, and build a community of quality sales associates.  You can't change a tiger's stripes, of course.

I then decided not to manage, train or recruit agents, but rather to return to working directly with buyers and sellers. Having no base foundation of clients in the area to earn the referrals from, I chose to offer a credit/rebate, which will allow people some relief in costs, and to learn that I am the one of high quality standards that I promise.

That said, and since I only represent clients in LEE County, COLLIER County, and CHARLOTTE County.... I can only extend this offer to those residents.  Outside of those areas would be unfair to the customer - I don't know those market areas.  I can help you to locate someone in other counties or states as you need.

PLEASE NOTE: Buyer who obtains a mortgage, will receive additional credits from lender/inspectors I affiliate with and trust.  Therefore the credit amount is different/higher than that of the Sellers, unless they choose to have a     pre-sale home inspection, which I can provide them an additional $250.00 credit.