James Schneider, PA,CRS  

  Celebrating over 680 million in residential sales 

     With Team Sunshine and this web site,

 "Homes In The Sunshine" 

you will be able to search like a real estate agent... 

You will be able to insert your criteria and view the active properties available.  Additionally, you can look at maps and other features to assist you with learning as much as you possibly can to make the right decision.

Jaime & his team will guide you, advise you, and will make certain you do not enter into any commitment without a full understanding of the pros/cons.  

Home sales is a serious business and you deserve to have the best information before making such important decisions.... It may happen in a day, or a year... Together with Jaime Schneider & Team Sunshine, Inc., on your side, you will find the ideal solution...

The MLS SEARCH feature is currently under upgrade construction to better serve your needs.