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  Celebrating over 680 million in residential sales 

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 James Schneider, PA, CRS is one of the elite sales associates in the entire United States and is ranked in the top 1% of ALL Realtors nationally.

 (There are more than 1.1 Million Realtors in the US currently.)  

Additionally, he was awarded the prestigious VIP-Lifetime member status of

 "Madison's Who's Who in Business.


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   How did he earn such distinctive awards as these?  Well, since his career began in Annapolis, Maryland in 1982, James (known as Jaime to family friends and colleagues) has consistently been ranked as one of the NATION'S top-producing Realtors.  

     He has sold in excess of $685 million dollars worth of residential properties. 

(The average local agent sells a total amount of $4-5 million in their career)

      From $80,000 to $14 million transactions, Jaime has always treated each client as if they were one of his many relatives, and made certain that they were well informed of each step, each decision and through such respect for his clientele he has maintained a substantial business practice - primarily based on referrals from past clients.  

     There have been families who worked exclusively with Schneider, where as many as three generations of those families have loved each home they purchased or sold through Jaime Schneider. 

      Funny story, there was a time when he was put off by clients turned friends who would introduce him to others as "their Realtor," until he came to realize that they saw him as that professional they trusted, just as they would introduce their attorney or physician.  He is honored to be held in such regard... He has helped many families through crisis, joy, sadness, and other emotional issues when addressing their real estate needs.  They often become confidences and friends when transactions were completed.

      Having resolved so many different issues that can arise in any one transaction, having worked successfully through more than five recessions and guided over a thousand clients, his experience will be what makes your transaction smooth and enjoyable.  Who says you have to dread buying or selling real estate?  Not with Jaime Schneider...  A proven winner.

     Jaime's ultimate goal will be to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. He is a full-service Realtor with a wide range of experience. If you are purchasing your first home or if this purchase is your planned final time, or whether you are hoping to make this purchase or sale while out of Florida or the United States, or need assistance with facing a financial hardship or you are simply eager to learn about the fast paced market of Lee and Collier Counties, then Jaime will guide you with the integrity and respect you deserve, and he will make certain you enter and exit this transaction well informed.  So, he developed and groomed "TeamSunshine" to assist your needs...  

      Now, for the fun of it all... Why don't you look at the slide show and preview what types of housing you may expect when looking in this area.  It is most possibly very different from your current state or nation.  The prices are well positioned, and increasing regularly as the economy strengthens. (You may recall that Lee County once held the disappointing distinction of being #1 in the U.S.A. for foreclosures/short sales.  For more information regarding this - AND WHY IT IS THE PLACE TO NOW BUY - Review the tab titled "Services")

     This is a wonderful area to buy now or to invest for your future... The prices quoted are actual/ current, and the amenities are amazing for the area!  This is why Schneider says he lives in the "Secret Paradise of Southwest Florida!"      

     Let his exceptional reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to his superior skills, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity. If you would like a copy of Schneider's client reference list, it is available upon request.

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